The prefect

This is how you find your new job

We find what you are looking for: with us, you can have the job that suits you perfectly! We know what we are doing and work for major companies looking to strengthen their teams. Make the most of the endless possibilities!


The benefits for you:


  • Job security
  • Above average pay
  • Flexible hours
  • Vacation pay and Christmas bonus
  • Further training, e.g. forklift licence, welding certification, safety courses
  • Pleasant superiors
  • Help and support with problems
  • Chauffeur service if required

Temp work

Secure and diverse: you receive a permanent position with us. You work on our premises or for companies that we work for. Many people are later employed on a permanent basis there. Find your job now!

Direct recruitment

We look for new employees for well-known companies. That means that we can recruit you for a job with those companies. Make the most of our experience and the guidance you receive. Apply now!


With us, you get a good job and exciting tasks. And: we are part of a major family company with a long history. That gives you security, because you can work for us if no one is needed at our client companies.

Your new job could be here